BISKIT was started by siblings Harsha Biswajit and Shruti Biswajit with a vision to create a multi-disciplinary studio exploring the boundaries between art and design. In 2017 they established BISKIT - a unisex concept label that merges their futuristic visual aesthetic with a minimal and functional sense of design.

Seeing how the clothing industry has long been shaped and categorized by menswear and womenswear, they wanted to break this duality by challenging an archaic industrial concept that pre determines the gender of a fabric even before you have the freedom to choose for yourself. In other words, they wanted to give the choice back to YOU to decide what you feel comfortable wearing.

Since the inception, the focus has always been about story telling and it is this that drives the creative process. Everything that comes out of the BISKIT studio is concept driven and always tells a story connected to the larger ideas being explored at the time. Therefore a BISKIT piece is designed to stand the test of time rather than conform to the cyclical nature of seasons.

From 2021, every studio piece is hand made at SPACE BISKIT, Madras, India and is limited to a maximum of 21 editions per style.


Inspired by the nature of impossible objects, the Biskit logo seeks to challenge the perception of the viewer by bringing two perspectives into one form.

If you look closely, the perspective of the rectangle changes from top to bottom, signifying the singular nature of our design ethos by merging menswear & womenswear into one form; one identity.