BISKIT was started by siblings Harsha Biswajit and Shruti Biswajit with a vision to create a multi-disciplinary studio exploring the boundaries between art and design. In 2017 they established BISKIT - a unisex concept label that merges their futuristic visual aesthetic with a minimal and functional sense of design.

Since the inception, the focus has always been about story telling and it is this that drives the creative process with every piece made connected to the concept that is being explored at the time. Therefore a BISKIT piece is designed to stand the test of time rather than conform to the cyclical nature of seasons.

Every studio piece is designed and handcrafted at Space Biskit in Madras, India and is limited to a maximum of 21 editions per style.


When you buy a BISKIT piece you will receive a certificate of authenticity with information about the print details, year, and other garment information.

If its not a single edition style, every piece you buy from us will have an edition label from 1 – 21 stitched into the garment.

We may decide to stop production of a particular style at anytime before reaching 21 editions. When we do so, we will update how many editions of these pieces exist in the world. If you have purchased that piece, we will update your digital certificate of authenticity to reflect how many pieces of that style are in the world.

Our super limited one-off pieces will be tagged with a Special Edition Label stitched into the garment so that you know there is only 1 of this in the world.